Save the Waverley – Boiler Refit Appeal

Paddle Steamer Waverley has been withdrawn from service and needs immediate support to ensure she sails again

Waverley's 2019 season was cancelled in May following the discovery of major problems with the ship’s 20-year old boilers. This appeal to raise £2.3 million was launched on Saturday 15th June 2019 to return the Waverley to service in 2020, ensuring that a unique piece of Britain's maritime heritage stays alive.


Milestones to Date

In addition, individual members have raised funds for the Waverley Boiler Refit Appeal by organising events across the country.



Waverley's current boilers were installed in 2000 during stage one of the Heritage Rebuild that saw the ship restored to her original 1940s condition. After finding unexpected structural defects in both boilers during survey work in March 2019 a repair method was proposed. However, the true extent of the required repair was realised after dry docking following extensive analysis. The Board of Directors then took the difficult decision to stop all work with the resultant loss of the 2019 season. On 10th May Waverley Excursions Ltd. announced that Paddle Steamer Waverley was withdrawn from service. The announcement brought great disappointment and significant media interest.


Scope of Work Required

Both boilers must be replaced along with their associated burner and control systems. Other Boiler Room ancillary equipment such as the Diesel Alternators and the Oily Water Separator are reaching the end of their useful life and will be replaced. Plans were already forming to replace the main Electrical Switch Board in the Engine Room and this component will also be replaced. In order to remove the boilers and associated equipment the ship’s funnels and deck around the base of the funnels will need to be removed along with the associated infrastructure including all insulation material. By any measure the work required to return Waverley to service is extensive and costly.



The 'Save The Waverley - Boiler Refit Appeal' was officially launched on 15th June with the appeal target set at £2.3 million. Neither the Society, nor Waverley's owning charity, hold sufficient reserves to fund this major project. PSPS Council members have agreed to release unallocated funds at this time but this will not be sufficient to ensure this essential work is undertaken for Waverley to return to service in 2020. We are asking for your support to help Waverley at this challenging time. Funds are needed immediately to allow the order to be placed for the new boilers as there is a 6 month construction period. All donations, large or small, will be very gratefully received and will go towards ensuring that Waverley steams again! Thank You.

All donations to the PSPS go to the 'Save the Waverley - Boiler Refit Appeal' at present.


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