Waverley’s Final Call at Brodick Old Pier

Thursday 24 August 2017 saw Waverley's final call at Brodick Old Pier. Completion of work on the new pier means she will call there from the start of the 2018 season.

Greg Beecroft has kindly provided some photographs to record the occasion. All were taken on 24 August except the heading picture which was taken on 17 August.

Waverley approaches the pier following her cruise down the coast to off Whiting Bay, with PSPS Chairman Iain Dewar (green jacket and dark green hat) observing operations from the steps up to the paddle box.

Passengers disembark from Waverley at the old pier for the last time.

Peter Reid, one of the first directors of Waverley Steam Navigation Co., on the paddle box, is among those boarding.

The last passengers come up the gangway

A member of crew is the last man on board

The gangway is lifted on board

Iain Quinn waves farewell to the pier staff

Waverley pulls away from the old pier for the last time. The new terminal building is the large brown building. Only the pedestrian bridge to the new pier remains to be completed.


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