Ship Ahoy! 2017

The 2017 Ship Ahoy! Maritime Heritage Exhibition will take place on Saturday 22nd April at the Summerlee Museum in Coatbridge.

This year sees Ship Ahoy! return bigger and better than ever with over 20 clubs, stands and exhibitors attending the event including the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society. There will be model ships on display in addition to photographs and historic video footage. A wide selection of DVDs books, postcards and photos will also be on sale.

Summerlee is the museum of Scottish Industrial Life and is based around the site of a 19th century ironworks. The museum has Scotland's only operational heritage tramway, as well as a recreated mine with guided tours, miners' cottages, an exhibition hall with working machinery, a play park, a cafe and a shop.

Summerlee was one of Scotland's most important ironworks. Opened in 1836, it closed in 1926. The remains of its blast furnaces and other structures can be seen from the view pod and parapet at the north-east side of the main exhibition hall. In 2008 Summerlee received a £10 million redevelopment, and today the museum is a modern and thriving visitor attraction.

Entry to the event is free for everyone with free parking on site, Summerlee is a short walk from Coatbridge Central or Sunnyside stations.



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