Waverley made her triumphant return to service in August 2020 following her boiler refit. However Waverley is now critically short of funds to survive this winter. Without further support she can’t return to service in 2021. We are therefore asking for your help by donating to Waverley’s COVID-19 Relief Appeal.

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Society Paddler embarks on 25th Sailing Season!

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(pics courtesy of Capt John Megoran)

As you may or may not know the PSPS have another paddlesteamer by the name of Kingswear Castle. This immaculate little paddler is based at Chatham Historic Dockyard and was built in 1924 for service on the River Dart along with two sister ships PS Compton Castle and PS Totnes Castle.

The PSPS bought the ship in 1967 and returned her to service in 1985. More on her history can be found here.

I’ve just received an email advising that the ship has completed her trials this morning and has had her passenger certificate issued for season 2009.

Her first sailings of the new season start on Saturday (11th April) and continue over the Easter weekend in conjunction with a steam event at Chatham Historic Dockyard over this weekend.

As the title suggests this is Kingswear Castle’s 25th year of full operation so what better excuse do you need to go for a sail!! More details of sailings etc can be found on the Kingswear Castle Website.

Congrats to Kingswear Castle and to Capt John Megoran who also celebrates his 25th season at the helm of the company as well!! All the Best for 2009 from the Scottish Branch.

Gavin Stewart

Gavin Stewart

October 2020