Colin McDonald

Sadly one of the stalwarts of Waverley musician Colin McDonald has passed away after a brave fight against cancer.
Colin and his band Caledonia spent some 16 summer seasons entertaining Waverley passengers in the Jeannie Deans lounge and his devotion to the ship was legendary to all who knew him. Colin was not only the leader of the band but, unknown to some, he spent vast amounts of his own time at fund raising events for Waverley in and around Glasgow and much further afield.
Colin was a most talented musician and was always eager to help the Waverley cause. Even when suddenly hospitalised last summer he was on his mobile constantly to his comrade drummer George checking that everything was allright on "the boat." He made many friends and patiently dealt with the sometimes robust audience on Saturdays in the lounge and on occasions such as Millport Illuminations!! Some of his music is stll "alive" on a CD dedicated, of course, to Waverley.

The funeral is scheduled for 10 a.m. at Clydebank Crematorium on Friday December 18th.