Waverley made her triumphant return to service in August 2020 following her boiler refit. However Waverley is now critically short of funds to survive this winter. Without further support she can’t return to service in 2021. We are therefore asking for your help by donating to Waverley’s COVID-19 Relief Appeal.

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Bring the Waverley back to Helensburgh

Graeme Phanco

On Saturday 20th April a large crowd including representatives from the PSPS Scottish Branch Committee and branch members gathered on Helensburgh Pier to send a message to Argyll & Bute Council that the town needs a working pier. There were speeches by committee members of the Helensburgh Seafront Development Project and also by Jackie Baillie and Maurice Corry, both members of the Scottish Parliament.

Jackie Baillie MSP for Dumbarton with Maurice Corry MSP to the rear.Graeme Phanco

Jackie Baillie MSP and Maurice Corry MSP supporting the campaign.Graeme Phanco

Grierson Steen who will be familiar to anyone who has arrived or departed from Helenburgh Pier on Waverley. His shirt reads “My name is Grierson. Every summer I walk my dog, Rhu, to Helensburgh Pier where I pull the ropes for the Waverley. But not this year. We are both very sad.”Graeme Phanco

All those that spoke expressed concern that Waverley would not be able to call at Helensburgh anymore due to the poor condition of the wooden section of the pier, and that people should contact their local Argyll & Bute Councillors to show them the depth of feeling regarding the pier. They also encouraged people to sign the online petition www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-the-waverley-back-to-helensburgh.

Davy Hannah

Marine tourism on the Clyde is increasing with many cruise ships making calls at the Greenock Ocean Terminal just across the river from Helensburgh, it was suggested that a ferry service between the Ocean Terminal and Helensburgh Pier could potentially bring many thousands of tourists to Helensburgh each year.

Without working piers Waverley cannot operate, so it is essential that they are maintained and kept in a usable condition.

Graeme Phanco

Graeme Phanco

Graeme Phanco

October 2020