PSPS Top 20 of 2020

Articles about Waverley, her boiler refit, rejuvenation and short sailing season, understandably were the most viewed posts on the PSPS website during 2020.

You might however have missed some of the most popular non-Waverley articles published during the year. So let’s count down the PSPS Top 20 of 2020… cue music…


Take a Virtual Cruise on the Maid!

30th May 2020
Support the Maid of the Loch by taking a virtual cruise of the full length of Loch Lomond.

Megoran's Musings

11th November 1963 Caledonia

11th November 2020
On Monday 11th November 1963 Caledonia came close to being blown ashore on the rocks off Millport after damaging her port paddle wheel.

Megoran's Musings

26th September 1956 Britannia

26th September 2020
Last day in passenger service of P & A Campbell's Britannia.

Megoran's Musings

27th September 1963 Embassy

26th September 2020
PS Embassy’s sails frim Poole to Weymouth to layup for the winter.

Megoran's Musings

17th November 1966 Talisman

17th November 2020
Thursday 17th November 1966 was Talisman's last day in service.

Megoran's Musings

29th October 2018 Stadt Luzern

29th October 2020
On Monday 29th October Stadt Luzern's outgoing Captain Kuno Stein and her new master Roger Maurer spent the day clearing the ship's bridge and office.

Megoran's Musings

21st November 1961 Alumchine

21st November 2020
Alumchine break-in.


New Chairman Takes the Reins

9th April 2020
The Council of Management appointed John Allen to be the Society's National Chairman on 28 March.

Megoran's Musings

7th September 1960 Monarch

7th September 2020
Cosens's Monarch made her last trips of the season on Thursday 8th September 1960.


Bill Prynne 1925-2020

15th April 2020
Bill Prynne, who died aged 94 on Saturday 11th April, was PSPS Chairman for two stints, firstly for part of 1963 and then again from 1967 to 1976.

Scottish Branch

Scottish Branch Contribute to Maid's Dining Saloon

22nd January 2020
The PSPS Scottish Branch has made a £2,000 contribution towards the cost of refurbishing Maid of the Loch's forward dining saloon.

Megoran's Musings

13th November 1962 Bristol Queen

13th November 2020
Bristol Queen arrives in Weymouth.


Easter on Waverley

10th April 2020
Greg Beecroft shares some pictures he took of Waverley at Easter 1980.


Waverley Excursions Website Facelift

13th March 2020
It is not just Waverley that is receiving some off-season TLC, the Waverley Excursions website has received a fresh new look.


Waverley's First Weekend in Operation Under Preservation

23rd May 2020
45 years ago this weekend Waverley was in the midst of her first weekend in operation under Waverley Steam Navigation.

Megoran's Musings

9th October 1961 Bristol Queen

9th October 2020
Last day of the season for Bristol Queen

Megoran's Musings

15th October 1962 Sandown

15th October 2020
Sandown left Portsmouth, sailed down the Western Solent, across Poole Bay, rounded Anvil Point and St. Albans Head bound for Weymouth.

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14th September 1932 Southsea & Whippingham

14th September 2020
Southsea and Whippingham scheduled to run long afternoon cruises from Portsmouth and Southsea.

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19th October 1961 Glen Usk

19th October 2020
Glen Usk shifts ship from Penarth to Cardiff.

Megoran's Musings

28th September 1945 Empress

28th September 2020
Empress at the movies.

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