KC Back in the Water

Kingswear Castle A/S Dartmouth Pontoon, Monday 26th April 2021.John Megoran

Kingswear Castle came off the slipway and was pushed back to the Dartmouth Pontoon by the Kingswear Princess, moored alongside, where she is pictured on Monday 26th April.

Kingswear Castle at Dartmouth, 26th April 2021.John Megoran

Water was taken on. The boiler was filled and the first warming fire of the season lit with work continuing during the week to get everything ready for steaming trials early next week.

KC’s engineer Dan Wheeldon next to KC’s circulating pump.John Megoran

Amongst all the other refit work this winter special attention has been paid to the circulating pump which has had a major overhaul including the fitting of new piston rods.

John Megoran

John Megoran

October 2021