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Daniel Adamson

Waverley's General Manager Paul Semple and Maid of the Loch's John Beveridge aboard Daniel Adamson 17th May

Waverley's General Manager Paul Semple and Maid of the Loch's Chairman John Beveridge attended a function aboard the preserved steam tug/tender Daniel Adamson on a cruise on the River Weaver on Friday 17th May. Also taking part were many officials and representatives from the heritage sector including from the Heritage Lottery Fund, National Historic Ships UK, the Maritime Heritage Trust, European Maritime Heritage, Local Authorities and so on as well as managements from other historic ships from around the country.

Daniel Adamson at Acton Bridge on the River Weaver.

Restored to service in 2016  with Heritage Lottery funding of £3.8 million, the Danny has a very different business model from Waverley. She operates on only a comparatively few number of sailing days each year and with an entirely volunteer crew. As she runs on categorised waters as defined by the MCA in MSN 1776 only the captain needs MCA certification with all the rest of the volunteers, including the steam engineers, being  trained and passed out in house. As a result the crew are all very well informed, interested and enthusiastic about the project. Chatting with the nice lady serving the teas I discovered that she is the captain's wife. It all adds up to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere aboard.

Paul Semple in the Danny's engine room.

John Beveridge by one of the three furnaces in Danny's coal-fired boiler.

When away from the berth bridge, engine and boiler room tours are welcomed but you will have to wear a hard hat and don special galoshes so as not to bring any coal dust up to soil the well kept decks above.

John Beveridge (back to camera) chats with Dan Cross.

Under the leadership of Mersey tug master Dan Cross the Danny is a real success story and a role model for how to preserve and operate a steamship in this day and age and keep her solvent. For any who have yet to experience a trip on her I heartily recommend that you do.


John Megoran

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