Waverley made her triumphant return to service in August 2020 following her boiler refit. However Waverley is now critically short of funds to survive this winter. Without further support she can’t return to service in 2021. We are therefore asking for your help by donating to Waverley’s COVID-19 Relief Appeal.

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Waverley: Greenock / Millport 26 July 2012

This post has been migrated from the Branch blog that was in use between 2008 and 2013. Consequently, there may be minor visual irregularities in how this post is displayed.

Balmoral will be back on the channel in a few days time.  Peter Deverell couldn’t wait for a trip so he travelled to Scotland for a cruise on Waverley.  Sailing from Greenock via Helensburgh, Dunoon, Rothesay, and Largs to Millport for a couple of hours ashore – time to cycle around Cumbrea.

Peter shot some video footage of the trip and has uploaded a 15 minute clip to his YouTube (devsteam) channel, it can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Thanks to Peter for allowing the use of the following stills from the video.

Alongside at Greenock
Leaving Millport for Brodick
Putting the brakes on

October 2020