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Balmoral 2013 Fund

                                                BALMORAL  2013  APPEAL

You will have read in the current edition of Paddle Wheels the article about Balmoral written by Nick James. The proposals for static use in Bristol this year are still under discussion, and we hope for an outcome shortly.

However, even static use will require some finance, in advance of a major appeal which will have to be made if the ship is to return to service in 2014. Works currently required are the weatherproofing of the Purser's office and cabin, now largely completed by our dedicated volunteers, up-grading of some electrics and the fire alarm system, and final connection up of the sewage holding tank system, most of which was installed a few years ago.

At a recent Branch Committee meeting, it was agreed that we would establish a  'local' fund to cover the costs of these works, in advance of a major appeal to be launched later to enable the ship to resume sailing in 2014.

The immediate appeal is to raise £4,000.00 to cover the above necessary works, and to have a small balance in hand. Any surplus will be transferred later to the main fund.

If you would like to donate, you can send a Donation, made payable to P.S.P.S., to:-
PSPS Branch Treasurer, 2 Rockleaze Court, Herbert Road, CLEVEDON, BS21 7ND

Cashing your cheque will be your receipt  - to keep costs down. However, if you require a separate receipt, please enclose a S.A.E.   Gift Aid can be applied to all donations, if you are a UK taxpayer and would like us to claim 20% Gift Aid from the government, please attach a note to your payment with your Name, Address and Postcode plus the amount of your donation and asking for it to be 'Gift Aided'. Donations can also be handed in at our forthcoming Branch AGM on April 13th

At the Meeting on 23 rd. March a cheque for £500.00 was received from the estate of the late Ken Jenkins, and further Donations of £525.00 were also received, all to be used for the 2013 Appeal...................so we are over 25% of the way there!

Patrick Murrell


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