New Look Paddle Wheels Magazine Published

PSPS members will now have received their copy of the new look "Paddle Wheels" magazine.

Paddle Wheels is the Society's quarterly Journal which is sent free to all PSPS members. The Winter 2017 edition is the first to be published as an A4 magazine.

Anyone who is considering joining the PSPS may apply for a complimentary copy of the magazine. Send an email to providing your name and postal address. If you wish to receive future editions of the magazine simply join the Society at  In addition to receiving Paddle Wheels you will also gain access to other benefits of membership and help us to support the continued preservation and operation of Kingswear Castle and Waverley.

The front cover of the Winter 2017 edition of Paddle Wheels. The cover image, taken by Jason Arthur, shows Waverley approaching Gravesend Pier in September 2017. 

The current issue is packed full of news updates including illustrated articles on the Society's two paddle steamers - Kingswear Castle and Waverley. In addition there are news updates on the restoration of Maid of the Loch and Medway Queen.

As a feature this issue contains part of the 1971 Waverley Study Group Report which was submitted to the Caledonian Steam Packet (CSP) Company. This report made many recommendations to the CSP management on how to improve Waverley and promote her as a major attraction. A small extract from the article is given below.

"Exterior Colour Scheme - The Waverley could easily be her own best advertisement, but to achieve this, she needs to draw attention to herself. We feel that this can be easily achieved without virtually any extra expense, merely the imaginative use of colour.

Our main suggestion is that the ship’s funnels be painted quite differently from those of the rest of the fleet and we would favour the use of red, white and black funnels that the ship originally carried. The Caledonian Lions could be easily and attractively incorporated into the white background on the funnels.

Also, the replacement of the twin gold lines around the hull at main deck level, greatly enhance the vessel’s lines."


Waverley appeared in 1972 with black boxes as was recommended in the Waverley Study Group report. She had to wait until the ship had been gifted to the PSPS before her funnels were painted red, white and black as was recommended in the 1971 report. Photo: PSPS Collection.

In addition this issue of Paddle Wheels also contains:

  • the new Chairman's Comments
  • a report on Waverley's 2017 South Coast and Thames sailings
  • an illustrated Archive report featuring Paddle Steamer Bristol Queen
  • an update on Balmoral's 2017 season.

The Spring issue of Paddle Wheels will be published in March 2018.


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