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9th October 1961 Bristol Queen

Monday 9th October 1961 unexpectedly turned out to be the last day of the season for Bristol Queen. This was not originally planned as she had already competed her scheduled summer season with trips on the Cardiff/Weston ferry on 19th September after which she had been laid up in Cardiff Docks.

However she had to be hastily reactivated in the first week of October and returned to service to cover the last trips of the season which had been rostered for Cardiff Queen which had issues with her steering gear.

Cardiff Queen arriving at Ilfracombe.

These problems had dogged Cardiff Queen that summer and on several occasions she had to return up Channel on her hand gear. In the end, management decided that enough was enough so she was withdrawn and laid up after her trip to Ilfracombe on 3rd October.

Bristol Queen’s engine.

Bristol Queen was therefore brought back into service to take over and ran the last trip of the season to Ilfracombe on Sunday 8th October with about 350 aboard.

The following day she was on the Cardiff Weston ferry before retiring for the second time in three weeks to Cardiff where she joined Cardiff Queen for winter lay-up, Penarth Dock being unavailable that year due to its closure.

John Megoran

John Megoran

October 2020