12th November 1962 Bristol Queen

Bristol Queen freshly arrived at Weymouth on the morning of 13th November 1962

Bristol Queen left Barry around mid day on 12th November 1962 bound for Weymouth for attention to her engine and boiler by Cosens & Co. She arrived in calm conditions around 8am the following morning. First thing on 14th she swapped places with British Railway's Sandown, passing through the Town Bridge to moor outside Cosens's workshop in the Backwater under the command of Cosens's Captain Cyril "Chum" Holleyoak.

Bristol Queen berthed outside Cosens's workshop at Weymouth.

It was hoped that the work would be concluded within a month for her return to the Bristol Channel before Christmas but delay followed delay with everything complicated by the big freeze which started in December 1962 and lasted until March. Weymouth was cut off for a time by snow, and like the rest of the UK experienced some of the coldest temperatures on record. Rivers, including the Humber, froze. It was the first time I had ever seen snow and so cold was it that my Dad invested in four extra electric heaters which he positioned around the house to try to keep us all warm at home. In the end it was April 1963 before Bristol Queen got away.

Bristol Queen's arrival overlapped with Sandown's departure so on 13/14th November there were four paddle steamers in Weymouth Harbour including Cosens's Embassy and Consul. There would have been five if Princess Elizabeth had laid up there, as she had done the previous year and would do again in subsequent years, but she spent the winter of 1962/63 moored on a buoy in Poole Harbour off Hamworthy instead.

John Megoran