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15th November 1962 Sandown

Capt. Holleyoak takes Sandown through Weymouth Bridge.

On Thursday 15th November 1962 Sandown left Weymouth for Portsmouth under her own steam after completion of overhaul work on her engine and boiler by Cosens & Co. She had arrived in Weymouth from Portsmouth on Monday 15th October so the work had taken about a month to complete.

Sandown, Bristol Queen and Consul in Weymouth 14th November 1962.Bernard Cox

Bristol Queen had arrived in Weymouth on 13th November for similar work to be undertaken on her engine and boiler so for a couple of glorious days Weymouth had sported no less than four paddle steamers in her harbour at the same time Sandown, Bristol Queen, Consul and Embassy.

Sandown at Southampton Spring 1963.Bernard Cox

Sandown was dry-docked at Southampton as usual in the spring of 1963 to get her ready for yet another season running on the Portsmouth, Southsea and Ryde ferry service. Look closely in the picture and you will see her bow rudder which was thought essential for operation in Portsmouth Harbour as it enabled the steamers to back off from the Harbour station and swing easily in the harbour or occasionally to steam all the way out of Portsmouth Harbour astern and not turn until off Southsea’s Clarence Pier.

John Megoran

John Megoran

December 2020