Crankshafts, Clerics & Chalybeate

The forgotten story of the River Conwy steamers.

Richard's talk, which is intriguingly titled "Crankshafts, Clerics & Chalybeate", tells the fascinating story of the fleet of little steamers which once operated on the River Conwy in North Wales and served the famous mineral spa at the village of Trefriw. Despite the fact that both the steamers and spa were a celebrated part of the North Wales tourist scene for almost 100 years their story had been almost forgotten until, after many years of research, Richard published his book on the subject in 2014. If you want to discover how a chapel-going seafaring family, an entrepreneurial vicar and a eccentric Catholic priest all became involved in "taking the cure" and running river steamers, then come along to hear the full story.....

Talk by Richard Clammer.


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