North of England & North Wales Branch

The North of England branch of the PSPS was founded in 1981 by Helen Strachan, who became its first Secretary and remained in that role for some twelve years.

At a later stage, due to the spreading membership, it was renamed the North of England & North Wales branch.

The branch has around 225 members, within an area from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the North, down as far as Leicester and the Midlands, coast-to-coast in between, and including Anglesey and the Isle of Man.

The branch usually holds three meetings during the winter months, consisting of talks, film shows and slide presentations by a variety of speakers, generally on Saturday afternoons. Meetings on the East side of the Pennines are normally held in York; on the West side, recent locations have included Liverpool, Stockport, Manchester and Bury. Wherever possible, we hold our meetings at museums or other locations potentially of interest to the vintage transport enthusiast.

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